ML Olympiad: Globally Distributed ML Competitions by the Community

FEB 18, 2022

Posted by Hee Jung, DevRel Community Manager

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We are happy to announce ML Olympiad, an associated Kaggle Community Competitions hosted by Machine Learning Google Developer Experts (ML GDE) and TensorFlow User Group (TFUG).

Kaggle recently announced "Community Competitions" allowing anyone to create and host a competition at no cost. And our proud members of ML communities decided to dive in and take advantage of the feature to solve critical issues of our time, providing opportunities to train developers.

Why the ML Olympiad?

To train ML for developers leveraging Kaggle’s community competition. This is an opportunity for the participants to practice ML. This is the first 2022 global campaign of the ML Ecosystem team and this helps build stronger communities.

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ML Olympiad Community Competitions

Currently, 16 ML Olympiad community competitions are open, hosted by ML GDEs and TFUGs.

Arabic_Poems (in local language) link

Sky Survey link

Análisis epidemiológico Guatemala (in local language) link

QUALITY EDUCATION (in local language) link

Landscape Image Classification link

Autism Prediction Challenge link

Tamkeen Fund Granted link

Hausa Sentiment Analysis (in local language) link

TSA Classification (in local language) link

Let's Fight lung cancer (in local language) link

Genome Sequences classification (in local language) link


Preserving North African Culture link

Delivery Assignment Prediction link

Used car price link

TensorFlow Malaysia User Group link

Navigating ML Olympiad

You can search “ML Olympiad” on Kaggle Community Competitions page to see them all. And for further info, look for #MLOlympiad on social media.

Google Developers support ML Olympiad by providing swag for top 3 winners of each competition. Find your interest among the competitions, join/share them, and get your part of the swag for competition winners!