Welcome India to the Google Wallet API

MAY 16, 2024
Edson Yanaga Lead Developer Relations Engineer Google Wallet

We introduced the Google Wallet API two years ago at Google I/O, and the response from the developer community has been incredible. Thanks to all of you, digital valuables have taken off all over the world.

With 16 new countries and territories in just the last year, we're now offering Google Wallet in over 80 countries… and we're just getting started.

Google Wallet Partner Logos

We want to give as many people as possible access to a secure digital wallet. That’s why we recently announced that Google Wallet will soon be available in all major countries and territories. As one of our next steps, we made Google Wallet available in India. That’s why we want to say hello to all Indian developers: Welcome to the Google Wallet API!

To start, we've partnered with over 20 of India's top brands, offering one of the widest ranges of partners for any digital wallet in India. We look forward to adding more partners soon.

Google Wallet partner use case examples

Now, developers in India will be able to create secure digital assets and share them with their users. Google Wallet passes are available in India for the following use cases:

  • Photos of documents with barcodes or QR codes

We can’t wait to see what the Indian developer community will be able to create with the Google Wallet API. Developers in India will be able to create and share many different types of daily essentials, giving people access to them in a secure and easy way thanks to Google Wallet.

With this announcement, you might be asking: what about Google Pay in India?

Google Pay launched in India in September 2017 and has been a committed collaborator in India’s game-changing journey with safe and secure digital payments. To be able to play a role in India’s digital payments story is a matter of deep pride for us, providing invaluable lessons on how digital transformation happens in tech-forward societies, and we continue to stay deeply invested in this journey for the long term.

To learn more about the Google Wallet API, please visit developers.google.com/wallet

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