Google URL Shortener links will no longer be available

JUL 18, 2024
Sumit Chandel Developer Relations Engineer
Eldhose Mathokkil Babu Software Engineer

In 2018, we announced the deprecation and transition of Google URL Shortener because of the changes we’ve seen in how people find content on the internet, and the number of new popular URL shortening services that emerged in that time. This meant that we no longer accepted new URLs to shorten but that we would continue serving existing URLs.

Over time, these existing URLs saw less and less traffic as the years went on - in fact more than 99% of them had no activity in the last month.

As such, we will be turning off Google URL Shortener. Please read on below to understand more about how this may impact you.

Who is impacted?

Any developers using links built with the Google URL Shortener in the form* will be impacted, and these URLs will no longer return a response after August 25th, 2025. We recommend transitioning these links to another URL shortener provider.

Note that links generated via Google apps (such as Maps sharing) will continue to function.

What to expect

Starting August 23, 2024, links will start displaying an interstitial page for a percentage of existing links notifying your users that the link will no longer be supported after August 25th, 2025 prior to navigating to the original target page.

Interstitial page shown for some links starting on August 23, 2024
Interstitial page shown for some links starting on August 23, 2024

Over time the percentage of links that will show the interstitial page will increase until the shutdown date. This interstitial page should help you track and adjust any affected links that you will need to transition as part of this change. We will continue to display this interstitial page until the shutdown date after which all links served will return a 404 response.

Note that the interstitial page may cause disruptions in the current flow of your links. For example, if you are using other 302 redirects, the interstitial page may prevent the redirect flow from completing correctly. If you’ve embedded social metadata in your destination page, the interstitial page will likely cause these to no longer show up where the initial link is displayed. For this reason, we advise transitioning these links as soon as possible.

Note: In the event the interstitial page is disrupting your use cases, you can suppress it by adding the query param “si=1” to existing links.

We understand the transition away from using short links may cause some inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at Firebase Support. Thank you for using the service and we hope you join us in moving forward into new and innovative ways for navigating web and app experiences.