Google I/O 2023 recap: Updates across mobile, web, AI, and cloud

MAY 10, 2023
Jeanine Banks VP & General Manager of Developer X

Thank you for another great Google I/O! We’re continuing to make deep investments across AI, mobile, web, and the cloud to make your life easier as a developer. Today you saw many of the ways we’re using generative AI to improve our products. We’re excited about the opportunities these tools can unlock and to see what you build. From simplifying your end to end workflows to improving productivity, catch up on key announcements below.

Google I/O 2023 Developer Keynote in 5 minutes

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Making it possible for everyone to build AI-powered products in the most productive and responsible way.


Increase productivity with the power of AI, build for a multi-device world, and do more faster with Modern Android Development.


Experience a more powerful and open web, made easier and AI-ready.


New generative AI cloud capabilities open the door for developers with all different skill levels to build enterprise-ready applications.

And that’s a wrap

These are just a few highlights of a number of new tools and technologies we announced today to help developers more easily harness the power of AI, and to more easily create applications for a variety of form factors and platforms. And we’re not done yet. Visit the Google I/O website to find over 200 sessions and other learning material, and connect with Googlers and fellow developers in I/O Adventure Chat.

We’re also excited to come to you with four Google I/O Connect events, which will bring Google experts and developers together for hands-on demos, code labs, office hours, and more. In addition, you can join one of the more than 250 I/O Extended meetups taking place across the globe over the next few months. We can’t wait to see what you will build next!