New Resources to Build with Google AI

MAY 10, 2023
Jaimie Hwang AI Developer Marketing
Danu Mbanga ML Product Management

Today's development environment is only getting more complex and as machine learning becomes increasingly integrated with mobile, web, and cloud platforms, developers are looking for clear pathways to cut through this growing complexity. To help developers of all levels, we've unified our machine learning products, tools, and guidance on Google AI, so you can spend less time searching, and more time building AI solutions.

Whether you are looking for a pre-trained dataset, the latest in Generative AI, or tracking the latest announcements from Google I/O, you’ll be able to find it on It’s a single destination for building AI solutions, no matter where you are in your machine learning workflow, or where your models are deployed.


Toolkits: end-to-end guidance

We're taking it one step further with new toolkits that provide you end-to-end guidance to build the latest AI solutions. These toolkits combine many of our products, many of which are open source, alongside a walkthrough so you can learn best practices and implement code. Check out how to build a text classifier using Keras or how you can take a large language model and shrink it to run on Android using Keras and TensorFlow Lite. And we are just getting started. These are our first two toolkits but have many more to come soon – so stay tuned!

Toolkit to build a LLM on Android with Keras and TensorFlow Lite

Whether you're just starting out with machine learning or you're an experienced developer looking for the latest tools and resources, Google AI has the resources you need to build AI solutions. Visit today to learn more.