The power of Checks is now available to all Android and iOS Developers

MAY 14, 2024
Fergus Hurley Co-Founder & GM Checks
Nia Castelly Co-Founder & Legal Lead Checks

At Google I/O this year we announced the general availability of Checks, Google’s AI-powered compliance platform. Now all Android and iOS developers can access automated privacy compliance reports that give you actionable insights into your data collection and sharing practices, as well as help ensure that you stay compliant with data privacy requirements over time.

Checks Integrity Profile - what the app is required to do, what the app is actually doing, what you say the app is doing

Checks leverages Google's cutting-edge technology to analyze your apps thoroughly through our AI-powered compliance framework. Checks looks at what an app is required to do, what you say your app is doing and what your app is actually doing. Checks identifies potential privacy issues, provides actionable recommendations, monitors your app’s compliance status, and provides the results in an intuitive dashboard or directly in your CI/CD. The best part is that it takes minutes to set-up and get started.

Checks App Compliance empowers developers by enabling:

  • Successful deployments: identify hidden privacy issues early in the development cycle and deploy apps with confidence.

  • Accelerated launches: streamline workflows across product, engineering, legal, and privacy teams. Increased visibility helps ensure continuous alignment for faster releases and accurate declarations to app stores.

  • Efficient resource allocation: avoid delayed launches and revisiting development steps, while mitigating legal and reputational risks.
Checks-Blog Content-Running Code Compliance

Checks Code Compliance, available today in private preview and coming soon to all developers, is a personal coding assistant using Google's Gemini models to streamline development while helping to ensure your code is compliant. It seamlessly integrates into your current workflow, analyzing source code in real-time to identify potential compliance issues. By incorporating privacy compliance checks directly into the development process, Checks Code Compliance enables faster launches, saves time, and helps you establish and maintain strong data privacy practices in your development process.

Checks AI Safety

Checks AI Safety is also available today in private preview. With the accelerated rise in the use of generative AI content in apps, ensuring that generative AI output is safe and appropriate is paramount. Developers need to prepare to meet the requirements of both internal policies as well as upcoming regulations.

Checks’ AI safety solution applies the framework that powers Checks’ privacy compliance solution to enable developers to build safer generative AI applications. Checks AI Safety will provide automated adversarial testing based on a set of customizable content safety policies that can be run against your preferred AI models. Developers can select which policies to run and define their own safety thresholds, as well as monitor model performance against those policies over time.

Get started today

We believe responsible AI development requires everyone’s commitment. Developers, legal teams, product owners, and compliance officers all have a part to play in building innovative, AI-powered apps that earn and maintain user trust. Now, with Checks, all Android and iOS developers can innovate quickly to bring delightful app experiences to life, all while safeguarding user data and deploying generative AI responsibly. To learn more visit to start building responsibly today.