Migrating App Engine push queues to Cloud Tasks

OCT 20, 2021

Posted by Wesley Chun (@wescpy), Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

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The previous Module 7 episode of Serverless Migration Station gave developers an idea of how App Engine push tasks work and how to implement their use in an existing App Engine ndb Flask app. In this Module 8 episode, we migrate this app from the App Engine Datastore (ndb) and Task Queue (taskqueue) APIs to Cloud NDB and Cloud Tasks. This makes your app more portable and provides a smoother transition from Python 2 to 3. The same principle applies to upgrading other legacy App Engine apps from Java 8 to 11, PHP 5 to 7, and up to Go 1.12 or newer.

Over the years, many of the original App Engine services such as Datastore, Memcache, and Blobstore, have matured to become their own standalone products, for example, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Memorystore, and Cloud Storage, respectively. The same is true for App Engine Task Queues, whose functionality has been split out to Cloud Tasks (push queues) and Cloud Pub/Sub (pull queues), now accessible to developers and applications outside of App Engine.

Migrating App Engine push queues to Cloud Tasks video

Migrating to Cloud NDB and Cloud Tasks

The key updates being made to the application:

  1. Add support for Google Cloud client libraries in the app's configuration
  2. Switch from App Engine APIs to their standalone Cloud equivalents
  3. Make required library adjustments, e.g., add use of Cloud NDB context manager
  4. Complete additional setup for Cloud Tasks
  5. Make minor updates to the task handler itself

The bulk of the updates are in #3 and #4 above, and those are reflected in the following "diff"s for the main application file:

Screenshot shows primary differences in code when switching to Cloud NDB & Cloud

Primary differences switching to Cloud NDB & Cloud Tasks

With these changes implemented, the web app works identically to that of the Module 7 sample, but both the database and task queue functionality have been completely swapped to using the standalone/unbundled Cloud NDB and Cloud Tasks libraries… congratulations!

Next steps

To do this exercise yourself, check out our corresponding codelab which leads you step-by-step through the process. You can use this in addition to the video, which can provide guidance. You can also review the push tasks migration guide for more information. Arriving at a fully-functioning Module 8 app featuring Cloud Tasks sets the stage for a larger migration ahead in Module 9. We've accomplished the most important step here, that is, getting off of the original App Engine legacy bundled services/APIs. The Module 9 migration from Python 2 to 3 and Cloud NDB to Cloud Firestore, plus the upgrade to the latest version of the Cloud Tasks client library are all fairly optional, but they represent a good opportunity to perform a medium-sized migration.

All migration modules, their videos (when available), codelab tutorials, and source code, can be found in the migration repo. While the content focuses initially on Python users, we will cover other legacy runtimes soon so stay tuned.