MakerSuite expands to 179 countries and territories, and adds helpful features for AI makers

AUG 04, 2023
Simon Tokumine Director of Product Management

When we announced MakerSuite earlier this year, we were delighted to see people from all over the world sign up for the waitlist. With MakerSuite we want to help anyone become an AI maker and easily create innovative AI applications with Google’s large generative models. We’re excited to see how it’s being used.

Today, we’re expanding access to MakerSuite to cover 179 countries and territories, including anyone with a Google Workspace account. This means that more developers than ever can sign up to create AI applications with our latest language model, PaLM 2.

We’re also introducing three helpful features:

  • Automatically optimize your text prompts
Want to write better prompts? Now, you can write a text prompt and click "Prompt Suggestion" to get ideas and suggestions to get better responses
  • Enable dark mode
In MakerSuite, you can now switch from light mode to dark mode in the settings.
  • Import and export your data with Google sheets and CSV to save time and collaborate effectively
Import and export your data to and from Google Sheets or CSV files easily. This can save you time by eliminating the need to recreate data that you have already created. It can also help you collaborate more effectively with others by allowing you to share your results easily.

Easily go from MakerSuite to code

Since the PaLM API is integrated into MakerSuite, it’s easy to quickly try different prompts from your browser, and then incorporate them into your code—no machine learning expertise required.

Once your prompt is ready, simply copy your code in just one click and integrate it into your project

Get started

Sign up and learn more on our Generative AI for Developers website. Be sure to check out our quick-start guide, browse our prompt gallery, and explore sample apps for inspiration. We can't wait to see what you build with MakerSuite!