Google Dev Library Letters: 18th Edition

FEB 17, 2023

Posted by the Dev Library team

In this newsletter, we’re highlighting the best projects developed with Google technologies that have been contributed to the Google Dev Library platform. We hope this will spark some inspiration for your next project!

Contributions of the month

Moving image showing SSImagePicker in different modes

[Android] SSImagePicker by Simform

See how to use a lightweight and easy-to-use image picker library that has features like cropping, compression and rotation, video, and Live Photos support.

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Moving image showing overview of coroutines

[Kotlin] Mastering Coroutines in Kotlin by Reyhaneh Ezatpanah

Dive into a comprehensive overview of coroutines including tips and best practices, along with a detailed explanation of the different types of coroutines available in Kotlin and how to use them effectively.

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Flow Chart demonstrating Image to Image stable diffusion in Flax

[Machine Learning] Image2Image with Stable Diffusion in Flax by Bachir Chihani

Learn the uses of the Diffusion method, a technique used to improve the stability and performance of image-to-image translation models.

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Jetpack Compose state, deconstructed by Yves Kalume

Learn how state management in Jetpack Compose is implemented, how it can be used to build a responsive and dynamic UI, and how it compares to other solutions in Android development.

Dynamic environment switching on Android by Ashwini Kumar

Find out how to switch between different environments (such as development, staging, and production) in an Android app.

Migration to Jetpack Compose for a legacy application by Abhishek Saxena

Migrate an existing legacy Android application to Jetpack Compose, a modern UI toolkit for building native Android apps

Machine Learning

Simple diffusion in TensorFlow by Bachir Chihani

Understand the benefits of using TensorFlow for image processing, including the ability to easily parallelize computations and utilize GPUs for faster processing.

Deep dive into stable diffusion by Bachir Chihani

Look into the Flax implementation of the Stable Diffusion model to better understand how it works.

Create-tf-app by Radi Cho

See the tool that allows you to quickly create a TensorFlow application by generating the necessary code and file structure.



NGX-Valdemort by Cédric Exbrayat

Dive into a set of pre-built validation rules and error messages for commonly encountered use cases, making it easy to quickly implement robust form validation for your application.

Passing configuration dynamically from one module to another using ModuleWithProviders by Madhusuthanan B

Learn how to pass configuration data dynamically between modules in an Angular application.


Mastering Dart & Flutter DevTools by Ashita Prasad

Look at the first part of the series aimed at helping developers to understand how to use the tools effectively to build applications with Dart and Flutter.

Server-driven UI in Flutter - an experiment on remote widgets by Akshat Vinaybhai Patel

Learn the insights, code snippets and results of the experiment for readers to better understand the concept of Server-Driven UI and its potential in Flutter app development.

Flutter Photo Manager by Alex Li

Learn an easy-to-use API for accessing the device's photo library, that performs operations like retrieving images, videos, and albums, as well as deleting, creating, and updating files in the photo library.


How to authenticate to Firebase using email and password in Jetpack Compose? By Alex Mamo 

Here’s a simple solution for implementing Firebase Authentication with email and password, using a clean architecture with Jetpack Compose on Android.

Google Cloud

Google Firestore Data Source plugin for Grafana by Prasanna Kumar

Learn how it allows users to perform operations like querying, aggregating, and visualizing data from Firestore, making it a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing real-time data in a variety of applications. The repository provides the source code for the plugin and documentation on how to install and use it with Grafana.

Cluster cloner by Joshua Fox

See how this project aims to replicate clusters across different cloud environments and examine these varying infrastructure models.

Getting to know Cloud Firestore by Mustapha Adekunle

Learn how this post covers the basic features and benefits of Cloud Firestore, and how this document database is a scalable and versatile NoSQL cloud database.

Google’s Mandar Chaphalkar has submitted Data Governance with Dataplex

Discover how Dataplex can be used to transform data to meet specific business requirements, and how it can integrate with other Google Cloud services like BigQuery for efficient data storage and analysis.

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