ML Olympiad 2023: Globally Distributed ML Competitions by Google ML Community

FEB 16, 2023

Posted by Hee Jung, DevRel Community Manager

What is the ML Olympiad?

The ML Olympiad is an associated Kaggle Community Competitions hosted by ML GDE, TFUG, 3rd-party ML communities, supported by Google Developers. The ML Developer Programs team and the communities successfully ran the first round of the campaign in 2022 and are now launching the second round. The goal of this campaign is to provide ML training opportunities for developers by leveraging Kaggle’s features.

ML Olympiad Community Competitions

17 ML Olympiad community competitions are currently open. Visit the ML Olympiad page to participate.

Into the Space

Water Quality Prediction

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Book Recommendations

Argania Tree Deforestation Detection

Multilingual Spell Correction

CO2 Emissions Forecasting

Ensure Healthy Lives (in local language) 

Predictive Maintenance

Firetrucks Are Red And Cars Are Blue

Dialect Recognition (in Arabic) 

Sentiment Analysis Of JUMIA Tunisia  (in local language) 

Kolkata Housing Prediction

Can You Guess The Beer Style?

Detect ChatGpt answers

MLAct Pose Detection

Hausa Sentiment Analysis 2.0 (in local language) 

Navigating ML Olympiad

You can search “ML Olympiad” on Kaggle Community Competitions page to see them all. And for further info, look for #MLOlympiad on social media.

Google Developers supports the hosts of each competition. Browse through the available competitions and participate in those that interest you!