Announcing OAuth-based App Flip for Actions

JUL 08, 2020

Posted by Toni Klopfenstein, Developer Advocate

Easy account linking helps create more helpful user experiences with Google Assistant and your products and services. Today, we are launching OAuth-based App Flip, a new feature to help you build a better mobile account linking experience. App Flip allows your users to seamlessly link their accounts to Google without having to re-enter their credentials if they have already signed in to your app on their device. This streamlined authorization flow helps minimize users dropping out of the account linking process, and makes it easier for users to integrate your smart devices into their smart homes. This feature is now available for all Smart Home Actions and is available in beta for other Conversational Actions.

When App Flip is implemented within your application, the Google Assistant or Google Home app automatically flips to your app when users initiate the account linking process. Once users consent to link their accounts, your app then requests an authorization code from your server, and Google handles the remainder of the account linking flow.

Account Linking Flows

By flipping directly to your local app, users can skip logging in again and can simply choose to link their accounts.

You can implement App Flip by enabling your app to accept a deep link that allows Google to connect. We also have test tools available for both Android and iOS to help you verify your app integration with App Flip.

For more details on how to use App Flip with your integration, check out the docs, or the sample Android and iOS apps. For Conversational Actions, please sign up for the Beta program.

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