Introducing the Google Developer Program: Unlock New Opportunities

6월 03, 2024
Chris Demeke Senior Product Manager

To help developers build, learn and grow, we are creating the Google Developer Program. The program will give developers access to a range of new tools and benefits such as technical assistance from Gemini and allow them to discover and explore all the Google sponsored communities we already offer. Joining is free and open to any developer worldwide. If you already have a developer profile, you just need to make sure that your topics and products of interest are up to date.

Here are some key program benefits you can access right now:

AI developer assistance

Get access to a simple chat interface on multiple Google developer-facing websites like Google for Developers, Firebase and Google Cloud to:

  • Learn more about documentation pages, ask questions about Google tools, generate sample code and troubleshoot issues.

  • Get clear, natural language explanations to code snippets across documentation.

  • Try hundreds of Google APIs without coding so you can test functionality and observe results.

  • Find AI-powered answers to your questions directly from the search bar.

  • Learn more about Google for Developers documentation and resources.

Project IDX workspaces

Project IDX is an AI-assisted, cloud-based workspace for full-stack, multi-platform app development. It has support for a broad range of frameworks, languages, services, and integrations with popular Google products. As a member of the program, you can access up to 5 workspaces in Project IDX (three additional workspaces) to help you do higher quality work, more efficiently, with less friction.

Cloud learning credits

When you also join the Google Cloud Innovators program, you will receive no-cost interactive labs credits for the Google Cloud Skills Boost learning platform, where you will find training and skill development resources for in-demand Google Cloud tech. Use credits to access real Google Cloud environments, where you can practice your cloud skills in a safe and dynamic space on everything from prompt engineering to building generative AI apps. The credits can be used against any new Cloud training learning path, including achieving shareable skills badges that let you showcase your knowledge to stand out.

Developer Communities and Programs

Members can discover and apply to join Google sponsored groups such as the Cloud Innovators program. These communities connect developers with like-minded individuals and experts, and give you access to exclusive events and resources to enhance your developer experience. If you are already a member of these groups, make sure your developer profile is up to date so you can get access to member directories and explore more groups of interest.

To get access to these benefits, open a Google developer profile and if you have one, make sure it is up to date. With a profile, you will also be able to tailor your learning journey to your interests, organize your work, track your progress, earn badges, and share your achievements.

In the coming months, the Google Developer Program will unlock new tools and resources to help you on your development journey such as additional training resources and more ways to connect with the community.

To access these benefits, you’ll just need to sign up to the Google Developer Program. While you’re there, make sure your profile is up-to-date, and includes all the topics and products you’re most interested in. You can tailor your learning journey to your interests, organize your work, track your progress, earn badges, and share your achievements.

Ready to get started? Join today.

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