Where the cloud meets the road

SEP 11, 2013
Author PhotoBy Alex Maier, Community Manager, Google Cloud Platform

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With Google Cloud Platform, you can now get your hands on technologies that help power our infrastructure, and use it to power your own software.

In order to help everyone get more comfortable using Cloud Platform, we are hosting five events for developers to meet Cloud Platform senior leadership, learn to code on our stack of products, participate in code labs, and ask questions of our engineering team.

This fall, we’ll visit destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia:

Each stop has two days dedicated to developers. Day 1 offers a series of talks explaining why you would want to use Cloud Platform and how to build apps on it. Day 2 consists of three code labs which provide participants with an opportunity for hands-on learning using our lab setup.

To help each participant get the most out of their newly-gained knowledge, every attendee will receive a startup pack equivalent to $2,000 USD in Cloud Platform credits.

Pre-register soon, because space is limited and we expect the seats to fill fast. We will confirm your registration as soon as we can, but no later than two weeks prior to each event.

We look forward to seeing you!

Alex Maier’s goal in life is to grow the Google Cloud Platform community stronger and more vibrant every day. She loves discoveries, science, and racing cars.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor