What to expect at I/O’14 - Distribute

JUN 24, 2014
By Ellie Powers, Google Play team

Less than one day to go until Google I/O 2014! In our third post on what to expect at Google I/O 2014, we'd like to share what’s coming up if you’re looking to grow your app distribution, engage users, and make money on Google Play.

Now that you've designed your app and developed it with the power of Google technologies, you need to attract, retain and grow your audience Here are a few of the sessions we'll be hosting at I/O to help you build a successful app business with Google:

We’ll also be hosting ‘Box talks with Google product teams who will share best practices for distributing mobile, web, Glass and Google Cast apps, as well as broadening reach with Google+. In addition, we’ve invited entrepreneurs and VCs to discuss their experiences (and maybe even inspire the creation of a few great new businesses).

Have specific questions and want to talk with experts? We’ll have designated Office Hours for Google Play, Google Wallet, AdMob and Google Analytics, and Knowledge Graph.

For more info on how to grow your app business with Google, visit developers.android.com/distribute and developers.google.com/mobile.

See you at I/O!

Ellie Powers is a product manager at Google Play, focused on developing the apps ecosystem. She joined Google to re-launch the Google Play Developer Console, and is now working to make Play the best place for developers and users alike.

Posted by Louis Gray, Googler