Test your payments integrations end-to-end with the new test suite for Google Pay

MAY 08, 2023
Jose Ugia Developer Relations Engineer

Testing is an integral part of software engineering, especially in the context of payments, where small glitches can have significant implications for your business. 

We previously introduced a set of test cards for you to use with the Google Pay API in TEST mode. These cards allow you to build simple test cases to verify that your Google Pay integration operates as expected. As much as this was a great start, a few predefined cards only let you run a limited number of happy path test scenarios, confined to the domain of your applications.

Improved testing capabilities

Today, we are introducing PSP test cards, an upgrade to Google Pay’s test suite that lets you use test cards from your favorite payment processors to build end-to-end test scenarios, enabling additional testing strategies, both manual and automated.

Figure 1: Test cards from your payment processor appear in Google Pay’s payment sheet when using TEST mode.

When you select a card, the result is returned back to your application via the API, so you can use it to validate comprehensive payment flows end-to-end, including relaying payment information to your backend to complete the order with your processor. These test cards allow you to verify the behavior of your application against diverse payment outcomes, including successful and failed transactions due to fraud, declines, insufficient funds and more.

Test automation

This upgrade also supports test automation, so you can write end-to-end UI tests using familiar tools like UIAutomator and Espresso on Android, and include them in your CI/CD flows to further strengthen your checkout experiences.

The new generation of Google Pay’s test suite is currently in beta, with web support coming later this year. You’ll be able to use test cards on Android for 5 of the most widely used PSPs – Stripe, Adyen, Braintree, WorldPay and Checkout.com, and we’ll continue to add test cards from your favorite PSPs.

Next steps

Improved testing capabilities have been one of the most frequent requests from the developer community. From Google Pay, we are committed to providing you with the tools you need to harden your payment flows and improve your checkout performance.

Figure 2: With the upgraded test suite you can run end-to-end automated tests for successful and failed payment flows.

Take a look at the documentation to start enhancing your payments tests. Also, check out the sample test suite in the Google Pay demo open source application.