People of AI – Season 3

FEB 08, 2024

If you are joining us for the first time, you can binge listen to Seasons 1 and 2 wherever you get your podcasts.

We are back for another season of People of AI with a new lineup of incredible guests! I am so excited to continue co-hosting with Luiz Gustavo Martins as we meet inspiring people with interesting stories in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Last season we focused on the big shift in technology spurred on by Generative AI. Fast forward 12 months, with the launch of multimodal models, we are at an interesting point in history.

In Season 3, we will continue to uncover our guests' personal and professional journeys into the field of AI, highlighting the important work/products they are focusing on. At the same time we want to dig deeper into the societal implications of what our guests create. We will ask questions to understand how they are leveraging AI to solve problems and create new experiences while also looking to understand what challenges they may face and what potential this technology has for both good and bad. We want to hold both truths to light through conversations with our guests. All this with the goal of aligning our technology with the public narrative and paint a realistic picture of how this technology is being used, the amazing things we can do with it and the right questions to make sure it is used safely and responsibly.

Starting today, we will release one new episode of season 3 per week. alternating video and audio. Listen to the first episode on the People of AI site or wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Episode 1: meet Adrit Rao, a 16 year old high school student, app developer, and research intern at Stanford University. We talk about App development and how learning about TensorFlow enabled him to create life changing apps in Healthcare. 
  • Episode 2: meet Indira Negi, a Product and Tech Executive investing in Medical Devices, AI and Digital health at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as we learn about the latest investments in AI and Healthcare.
  • Episode 3: meet Tris Warkentin, Director of Product Management at Google Deepmind as we talk about the exciting new launches from Google’s latest Large Language Models. 
  • Episode 4: meet Kathleen Kenealy, Senior Software Engineer at Google DeepMind as we learn about the engineering genius behind Google’s latest Large Language Model launches. 
  • Episode 5: meet Jeanine Banks, Vice President and General Manager of Google Developer X and Head of Developer Relations. Join us as we learn about Google’s latest AI innovations and how they will change the developer landscape. 
  • Episode 6: meet François Chollet, creator of Keras and senior Software Engineer and AI researcher at Google. Join us as we learn about Google’s latest AI innovations and how they will change the developer landscape. 
  • Episode 7: meet Chansung Park, Google Developer Expert and Researcher as we talk about the importance of building and planning for Large Language Model Infrastructure. 
  • Episode 8: meet Fergus Hurley and Nia Castelly, co-founders of Checks, a privacy platform for mobile app developers that helps create a safer digital ecosystem by simplifying the path to privacy compliance for development teams and the apps they’re building. 
  • Episode 9: meet Sam Sepah and Thad Starner, as they talk about leveraging the power of Generative AI to unlock sign language capabilities.

Listen now to the first episode of Season 3. We can’t wait to share the stories of these exceptional People of AI with you!

This podcast is sponsored by Google. Any remarks made by the speakers are their own and are not endorsed by Google.