Introducing the Senior Web Developer Nanodegree Program with Udacity

NOV 17, 2015

Posted by Sarah Clark, Program Manager, Google Developer Training

What do you need to stand out from the crowd of web developers, and ultimately, land that perfect job?

We asked ourselves that same question and decided to help by introducing the Senior Web Developer Nanodegree. Built in collaboration with Udacity, this online program is designed to teach you the tools, frameworks, and techniques needed to write robust code for progressive web applications that are secure and easy to use. Spending about 10 hours a week, most students can earn this Nanodegree credential in 9-12 months at a cost of $200 per month with 50% returned upon completion.

Along the way, you will also learn how to integrate new technologies, such as Service Worker and Web Components, and work extensively with Gulp and other tools. You’ll hear from Google experts, such as Ido Green, Jake Archibald (co-author of the Service Worker spec), Luke Wroblewski (author and strategist), Paul Bakaus (Studio 5 CTO, Zynga) and Alice Boxhall (author of the Chrome accessibility developer tools).

How can you get started? There are two different ways to participate. One option is the paid Nanodegree program, which includes code-level project reviews and feedback, coaching, support from a cohort of peers, building a portfolio of work, and career support services. The second option is entirely free and includes the same instructional courses, quizzes and projects individually, which you can take at your own pace.

For more details, and to be notified when enrollment opens, check out