Introducing the Mobile Excellence Award to celebrate great work on Mobile Web

OCT 23, 2017
Posted by Shane Cassells, mSite Product Lead, EMEA

We recently partnered with Awwwards, an awards platform for web development and web design, to launch a Mobile Excellence Badge on and a Mobile Excellence Award to recognize great mobile web experiences.

Starting this month, every agency and digital professional that submits their website to Awwwards can be eligible for a Mobile Excellence Badge, a guarantee of the performance of their mobile version. The mobile website's performance will be evaluated by a group of experts and measured against specific criteria based on Google's mobile principles on speed and usability. When a site achieves a minimum score, it will be recognized with the new Mobile Excellence Badge. All criteria are listed at the Mobile Guidelines.

The highest scoring sites with the Mobile Excellence Badge will be nominated for Mobile Site of the Week. One of them will then go on to win Mobile Site of the Month.

All Mobile Sites of the Month will be candidate for Mobile Site of the Year, with the winner receiving a physical award at the Awwwards Conference in Berlin, 8-9 February 2018.

In a time where mobile is playing a dominant role in how people access the web, it is necessary that web developers and web designers build websites that meet users' expectations. Today, 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load1 and despite the explosion of mobile usage, performance and usability of existing mobile sites remain poor and are far from meeting those expectations. At the moment, the average page load time is 22s globally2, which represents a massive missed opportunity for many companies knowing the impact of speed on conversion and bounce rates3.

If you created a great mobile web experience and want it to receive a Mobile Excellence Badge and compete for the Mobile Excellence Award submit your request here.


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