Introducing Google Pay's new Business Console

APR 01, 2020
Posted by Jose Ugia, Developer Programs Engineer

At Google Pay, we’re always looking for ways to make things simple, helpful, and accessible for everyone, whether that’s consumers or developers. Today, we’re introducing a new resource for developers that does just that — the Business Console for Google Pay. The Business Console is a new tool that streamlines the way you integrate Google Pay into your apps and websites.

Many of you have already added support for Google Pay. In the process, you asked questions like:

We created the Business Console for Google Pay in response to your feedback. With the new console, you’ll be able to integrate Google Pay into your apps and websites more seamlessly, discover resources, get support at different stages throughout your integration, and keep track of your progress along the way.

And this is only the beginning. As we add new features, the Business Console will be your go-to place to manage all your new and existing integrations with Google Pay, see how your integrations perform over time, and add support for other business- and developer-focused products.

The new Business Console lets you simplify your Google Pay integrations by guiding you during the submission for approval and helping you keep track of progress.

Getting started is easy. Just head to If you’ve already integrated with Google Pay, log in with your account to see your existing integrations or create new ones. And if you haven’t integrated with Google Pay yet, simply create your business profile, build an integration, and submit it for approval directly from the console.

Some businesses, system integrators, and developers have already started using the Business Console as part of our early-access program. “The new Google Pay Business Console helped us understand the integration requirements, and the examples made it easy to implement the Google Pay API into our website,” Gymondo GmbH CTO Christopher Weiss said. The Business Console also helped Weiss get their integration approved quickly. “Shortly after,” Weiss said, “we started seeing purchases coming from our customers paying with Google Pay."

We hope the new console makes your integration process go just as smoothly, and we’d love to hear about your experience. You can share any feedback from the menu within the console. We’re looking forward to learning how we can make Google Pay even more helpful in the future.