Introducing Google Drive and the Google Drive SDK

APR 24, 2012
Author PhotoBy Mike Procopio, Software Engineer

Today, we're announcing Google Drive—a place where people can create, share, collaborate and keep all of their stuff. Drive is a natural step in the evolution of Google Docs. Drive is built to work seamlessly with other Google applications like Google+, Docs and Gmail, and your app can too. Joining the launch today are 18 web apps that have integrated with Drive using the Google Drive SDK.

Integrating your application with Google Drive makes it available to millions of users. Drive apps are distributed from the Chrome Web Store, and can be used with any modern browser. Plus, your app can take advantage of Google's sharing, storage, and identity management features.

Create and collaborate

Google Drive allows for more than storage. Google Docs is built right into Drive, and your app can join the party. For example, Lucidchart is an online visual diagramming tool integrated with Google Drive. You can start a new Lucidchart or share your diagrams with friends or coworkers straight from Drive, just like a Google document or spreadsheet.

Store everything safely and access it everywhere

With Google Drive you can store all of your files and access them from anywhere. For example, MindMeister, an app for creating mind maps online, also lets you open files from popular desktop mind mapping applications. By integrating with Google Drive, MindMeister users can open their mind maps stored in Drive from any modern browser.

Search everything

Your app can also take advantage of Drive's storage, indexing, and document viewers. For example, HelloFax is a web application that lets you sign and fax documents from your browser. HelloFax users can now store all their inbound and outbound faxes in Google Drive, making them easy to find later. Plus, with automatic OCR, users can even search and find text in faxed images. Your application can store files of any type up to 10 GB in size or create file-like shortcuts to your application's data.

Want your application to work with Google Drive? Full documentation on the Google Drive SDK is available at, or if you're itching to start building, head to our Getting Started guide. Our team will be on Stack Overflow to answer any questions you have when integrating your app with Google Drive. You can also bring your questions to our Hangout this Thursday at 10:30 AM PDT / 17:30 UTC.

Look for more posts about working with the Drive SDK on the Google Apps Developer Blog in the coming weeks.

Mike Procopio is a Software Engineer for Google Drive, focusing on all things Drive apps. He gets to leverage his passion for the developer and user experience by working on the next-generation APIs that help unleash Google Drive. Before joining Google in 2010, he was a machine learning researcher, and enjoys engaging in illuminating statistical discussions at every opportunity.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor