Introducing Au-to-do, a sample application built on Google APIs

NOV 29, 2011
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By Dan Holevoet, Developer Relations Team

A platform is more than the sum of its component parts. You can read about it or hear about it, but to really learn what makes up a platform you have to try it out for yourself, play with the parts, and discover what you can build.

With that in mind, we started a project called Au-to-do: a full sample application implementing a ticket tracker, built using Google APIs, that developers can download and dissect.

Au-to-do screen shot

Au-to-do currently uses the following APIs and technologies:
Additional integrations with Google APIs are on their way. We are also planning a series of follow-up blog posts discussing each of the integrations in depth, with details on our design decisions and best practices you can use in your own projects.

By the way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce Au-to-do, you can say "auto-do" or "ought-to-do" — either is correct.

Ready to take a look at the code? Check out the getting started guide. Found a bug? Have a great idea for a feature or API integration? Let us know by filing a request.

Happy hacking!

Dan Holevoet joined the Google Developer Relations team in 2007. When not playing Starcraft, he works on Google Apps, with a focus on the Calendar and Contacts APIs. He's previously worked on iGoogle, OpenSocial, Gmail contextual gadgets, and the Google Apps Marketplace.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor