Google Dev Library Newsletter: 20th Edition

APR 12, 2023

Posted by the Dev Library team

In this newsletter, we’re highlighting the best projects developed with Google technologies that have been contributed to the Google Dev Library platform. We hope this will spark some inspiration for your next project!

Highlights of the Month - Cloud Champions

Google Anthos in a nutshell by Navveen Balani

GCP Anthos Config Management Architecture

Dive into the overview on Anthos Service Mesh (ASM) and go through the topology supported by ASM and high level steps to implement multi cluster service mesh on a single and multiple VPC network.

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Google Cloud Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) by Rubens Zimbres

Explore the concept of CCAI and how it can be used to improve customer service, along with tools that can be integrated with existing contact center infrastructure to automate and optimize various processes.

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Build a chat server with Cloud Run by Jaeyeon Baek

Explore how to build a chat server with Cloud Run using Python as the development language with the FastAPI framework.

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DocuBox by Vaibhav Jaiswal

Learn to build an app like DocuBox, which is designed to manage and organize documents on an Android device.

WebRTC Android by Jaewoong Eum

Understand how the WebRTC pre-compiled library for Android reflects the recent WebRTC updates to facilitate real-time video chat for Android.

WebRTC in Jetpack Compose by Jaewoong Eum

Discover how the project demonstrates WebRTC protocol to facilitate real-time video communications with Jetpack Compose.

TabSync, a lightweight synchronizer between Android's Tabs and Lists by Ahmad Hamwi

Learn how to add a synchronizer between Android’s RecyclerView and TabLayout, and what are the use cases of such on mobile devices.


Directives in practice: user role-based element control by Paweł Kubiak

Explore the concept of structural and attribute directives in Angular, which can be added to HTML elements to modify behavior or appearance.


Ultimate guide to becoming a Flutter expert by Isaac Adariku

Become an Expert Flutter developer by mastering these concepts.

Handling complex HTML in Flutter by Tanmoy Karmakar

Discover how to handle complex HTML content like tables, images, and links in a Flutter app using the flutter_html package.

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) with Flutter by Ayesha Iftikhar

Learn how to use FCM in Flutter apps. FCM is a cloud messaging service that allows you to send notifications and messages to devices on different platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web.

Understanding app localization in Flutter by Caleb Jesusegun

Take a deep dive into app localization and learn how to implement it in Flutter using the intl package.

Machine Learning

Visualizing custom TFX artifacts with InteractiveContext by Suzen Fylke

Learn how you can use InteractiveContext to visualize custom TFX artifacts.

How is generative machine learning transforming finance? By Hannes Hapke

Follow these detailed steps to adopt large generative models for domain-specific, fine-tuned generative models using the TensorFlow ecosystem.

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