Google Dev Library Letters: 19th Edition

MAR 02, 2023

Posted by the Dev Library team

In this newsletter, we’re highlighting the best projects developed with Google technologies that have been contributed to the Google Dev Library platform. We hope this will spark some inspiration for your next project!

Contributions of the Month

[ML] Serving Stable Diffusion by Chansung Park

Learn the various ways to deploy Stable Diffusion with TensorFlow Serving, Hugging Face Endpoint, and FastAPI.
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[ML] Textual inversion pipeline for Stable Diffusion by Chansung Park

Dive into this repository which demonstrates how to manage multiple models and their prototype applications of fine-tuned Stable Diffusion on new concepts by Textual Inversion.

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[Flutter] Animated soccer rating hexagon by Prateek Sharma

Create a hexagon widget in Flutter that displays the ratings of a soccer player or team. The six sides represent a different aspect of the player or team's rating such as speed, strength, and accuracy.

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Android & Kotlin

Mastering Kotlin Coroutines by Amit Shekhar

Dive into an introduction to coroutines in Kotlin programming language. Coroutines are a way to write asynchronous and non-blocking code in a sequential and easy-to-understand manner.

Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP) for code generation by Tim Lin

Discover more about KSP API you can use to develop lightweight compiler plugins, which helps you get the complete source code information during compile time.

Form Conductor by Naing Aung Luu

Learn about form conductor. More than form validation, it provides a handful of reusable API to construct a form in simple easy steps.

MovieDB by Gabriel Bronzatti Moro

Discover how to fetch data from Movie DB API and allow users to search for movies and view details and store them on a local database in this Android project.


A complete guide to Angular Multilingual Application by Hossein Mousavi

Dive into the technical aspects of building a multilingual Angular application, starting with the localization of the application's text.


Bank cards UI by Ethiel Adiassa

See how Flutter can be used to create aesthetically pleasing and functional UI designs for banking applications.

macOS UI by Reuben Turner

Dive into the repo resource for designers and developers looking to create beautiful templates and tutorials to create macOS applications and interfaces.

Google Cloud

Search for Brazilian laws using Dialogflow CX and matching engine by Rubens Zimbres

Develop a chatbot using Dialogflow CX and a matching engine to help users search for something specific in legislation.

Awesome CloudOps automation by Doug Sillars

Learn how a single repository could satisfy all your day-to-day CloudOps automation needs.

Serverless Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform by Gursimar Singh

Learn how serverless technologies like Cloud Run can be used to simplify and expedite the process of designing software applications.

Implement secure CI/CD with Workload Identity Federation, GitLab CI, and Cloud Deploy by Ezekias Bokove

See how to implement a secure Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline using Workload Identity Federation and GitLab CI.

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