Google Dev Library Letter: 17th Edition

JAN 24, 2023
Posted by the Dev Library team

We are highlighting the best projects developed with Google technologies that have been shared on the Google Dev Library platform. We hope this will spark some inspiration for your next project.

Android - Content of the Month

Transformers by Daichi Furiya

See the Android transformation library providing a variety of image transformations for Coil, Glide, Picasso, and Fresco.

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Camposer by Lucas Yuji Yoshimine

Learn how the camera library in Jetpack Compose which supports taking photos, recording videos, flash modes, zoom ratio, and more.

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ChatGPT Android by Jaewoong Eum

Integrate ChatGPT on Android with Stream Chat SDK for Compose.

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Catalog by Flávio Faria

Check out this Gradle plugin that generates type-safe, user-friendly extensions to resolve Android resources.
PDF viewer for Android by Rajat Mittal

Build a Lightweight PDF Viewer Android library which only occupies around 125kb while most of the Pdf viewer occupies up to 16MB space.

Kotlin coroutines vs JVM threads by Hardik Mehta

Check out this blog post highlighting multiple threads and Android’s way of performing async operation.

Machine Learning

Get started with stable diffusion using Flax and TPU by Bachir Chihani

Dive into the Diffusion models are some most recent disruptive models. Outperforming generative models, they have been made popular as result of the success of DALL-E 2 or Imagen to generate photorealistic images when prompted on text.


How to manage objects in Angular FormControl by Dharmen Shah

Learn how to manage objects in FormControl and handle conversion for input in this tutorial.


Flutter for Apple TV by Aleksandr Denisov

Develop an application that will support TV platforms and save a lot of resources by using Flutter.

Assertions In Dart And Flutter tests by Anna Leushchenko

Learn from this ultimate cheat sheet on assertions in Dart and Flutter tests with many details.

Google Cloud

Assessing database migration complexities with migVisor by Pritam Sahoo

Check out a multi-part series on database migration complexities.
Serverless Python APIs made simple on GCP with Goblet by Austen Novis

Learn how to standardize the creation and operation APIs and increase speed-to-deployment backed by Cloud Functions and Cloud Run.
A Complete Edge-to-Cloud manufacturing solution by Nishit Kamdar

Learn all about the Edge Platform from Google Cloud’s integrated suite.
GCP Network Topology “Top Talkers”: Your friend for common questions on Network Traffic by Gaurav Madan

Get an overview of a new feature that helps with GCP Network cost analysis.

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