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OCT 03, 2012
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By Peter Lubbers, Program Manager, Google Chrome Developer Relations

Calling designers, web developers, and the creatively curious! Next week marks the launch of Google Developers Live Presents, a new series of exclusive programming from GDL.  Presents kicks off this month with Design Ignites the Web, a family of episodes that takes you on a journey from back-end to front-end, showing you how to create compelling projects in the browser. The series will feature exclusive interviews with the developers behind select Chrome Experiments, Chrome WebLab, Movi.Kanti.Revo, and DevArt.

UPDATED Oct. 4: new dates and links for some events (see below).

So, what’s coming up?

Make Web Magic: The Minds Behind the Most Popular Chrome Experiments | Tuesday, October 9 - Part 1, 1:00 PM PDT | 20:00 UTC [Event page] | Part II, 2:00 PM PDT | 21:00 UTC [Event page] | Part III, 3:00 PM PDT 
| 22:00 UTC [Event page]
Using the latest open web technologies, the developers creating some of the most inspired Chrome Experiments showcase their latest web experiments and discuss how they are making the web faster, more fun, and open in this 3-episode hangout.
Host: Paul Irish, Developer Advocate, Chrome
Guests: Hakim: Google+, Website | Michael Deal: Google+, Website | Mark Danks: Google+, Website

All the Web’s a Stage: Building a 3D Space in the Browser | Thursday, October 11 - 10:30 AM PDT | 17:30 UTC  [Event page]
Meet the designers and creative team behind a new sensory Chrome experiment, Movi.Kanti.Revo, in a live, design-focused Q&A. Learn how Cirque du Soleil and Subatomic Systems worked to translate the wonder of Cirque into an environment built entirely with markup and CSS.
Host: Pete LePage, Developer Advocate
Guests: Gillian Ferrabee, Creative Director, Images & Special Projects, Cirque du Soleil | Nicole McDonald, Director/Creative Director, Subatomic Systems

Van Gogh Meets Alan Turing: The Browser Becomes a Canvas with DevArtUPDATED DATE AND LINK: Friday, October 19 - 10:00 AM PDT | 17:00 UTC  [Event page]
How can art and daily life be joined together? Host Ido Green chats with creators Uri Shaked and Tom Teman about tackling this question with their “Music Room” – a case study in the power of Android – and with Emmanuel Witzthum on his project “Dissolving Realities,” which aims to connect the virtual environment of the Internet using Google Street View.
Host: Ido Green, Developer Advocate
Guests: Uri Shaked, Tom Teman, and Emmanuel Witzthum

Push the Limits: Building Extraordinary Experiences with Chrome UPDATED DATE AND LINK: Week of October 29  [Event page]

The experiments in Chrome Web Lab are pushing the limits of what developers can build in a browser. Explore the design and technical mastery that went into making extraordinary experiences, directly from the experiments’ home, the London Science Museum.
Hosts: Pete LePage, Developer Advocate | Paul Kinlan, Developer Advocate
Guests: Tellart & B-Reel representatives for Universal Orchestra, Sketchbot, Teleporter, LabTag, DataTracer

If you can’t make the live show, you’ll still be able to see recordings of these and past sessions on our YouTube channel.  For more information on our monthly schedule, add +Google Developers to your circles and follow @googledevs on Twitter.

Peter Lubbers works on the Chrome Developer Relations Team, spreading HTML5 and Open Web goodness. A native of the Netherlands, Peter served as a Special Forces commando in the Royal Dutch Green Berets.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor