Fridaygram: celebrating teachers, satellite anniversary, flipping food

OCT 05, 2012
Author PhotoBy Scott Knaster, Google Developers Blog Editor

If you’re a teacher, happy World Teachers' Day! Whether you’re a teacher or not, you might take a moment today to think of your favorite teacher, that one who made a big difference to your education and general life outlook. We support education in a bunch of ways, such as YouTube Edu, App Engine Education Awards, and Google Apps for Education. And recently we’ve been observing World Teachers' Day by recognizing a few amazing teachers on our +Google in Education page. Here on Fridaygram, we try to honor our teachers by using good spelling and grammar.

Savvy history and science teachers might have told their students that yesterday was the 55th anniversary of the Sputnik launch. Sputnik was the first human-made object to reach space. Sputnik looked like a basketball with antennas stuck to its side, and the little (585 mm diameter) spacecraft beeped its way around the world. Sputnik only lasted about 3 months in orbit, but it was a huge milestone.

sputnik photo
Sputnik (replica)
Finally, here’s something that might prove educational: it's a video that shows how to flip food in a pan just like a pro. Spoiler alert: you’re supposed to move the pan back and forth, rather than actually trying to flip the food into the air. This will give you something to practice over the weekend.

All week long we post about important developer topics. Once a week, on Friday, we do a Fridaygram just for stuff that’s fun and interesting, but not necessarily developer-related. Special thanks this week to Boing Boing for showing off the food-flipping video.