DevFest season in the final stretch

NOV 09, 2012
Author PhotoBy Phoebe Peronto, Developer Marketing

We’re heading into the last leg of DevFest season, and it’s time to share the latest from events all over the world. From a live Twitter stream at DevFest Lima (#devfestlima), to keynote highlights from the GDG Algeria event, to shared learning resources from speakers at DevFest Hyderabad, festing devs have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks! Check out highlights from past events, along with upcoming event links & dates.  

DevFest Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand) | Host: GDG Thailand
DevFest Bangkok attendees shared photos live from the event, posting updates directly to Google+. Ruben Licera, Jr., a GDG DevFest Bangkok attendee shared to Google+, “Congrats in advance +Wittaya Assawsathain  and the whole +GDG Thailand community. =)”

DevFest Lima
(Lima, Peru) | Host: GDG Lima
Check out the Google+ #devfestlima stream from the October 27th event.

DevFest Chennai (Chennai, India) | Host: GDG Chennai
“With 365 attendees at DevFest Chennai, the event was jam packed with curious developers! There were a series of talks and hack demos from a variety of speakers, who kept the audience intact throughout the event.  We were amazed by the reactions we got from the audience throughout the event, and we are completely happy about the way the event happened.” --Karthik K. (GDG Chennai Organizer)

DevFest Beijing
| Host: GDG Beijing
GDG Beijing organized a DevFest with about 200 local developers, business leaders, and college students participating. We covered Android, Google Maps API, and HTML5. Bill Luan of Google Developer Relations presented the 2012 Google I/O update and DevRel global program update on GDL, GDE, and GDA.

“Speakers from local companies Sunda and NQ presented HTML, web app development, and Android low-level security for application development. Our event also  included a special session on startup topics. Directors from three local VC firms, Legend Star Capital, Zero2IPO Ventures, and China Center for Information Industry (CCID), joined a panel discussion on how to leverage technologies for startups. You can find more information about the event, including photos, here.” --Jerry Ge (GDG Beijing Organizer)

(Algiers, Algeria) | Host: GDG Algiers
The GDG Algiers team posted updates from their event in real-time, including moments from Googler Patrick Heneghen’s keynote address:

“Patrick Heneghen, doing the Keynote at #gAlgeriaExtended. It was an awesome moment!” --GDG Algiers

DevFest Hyderabad (Hyderabad, India)| Host: GDG Hyderabad
At DevFest Hyderabad, attendees had fun both doodling and doing cool things with Google technologies. From Neil Ghosh’s open sourcing of HTML5 slides used during the event for online community use, to attendee Harish Kotra’s product session update, “Features of Android 4.1 built using the name Project Butter by Anirudh at #gdg  #devfest Hyderabad!,” the event was absolutely a success.

Check out other recent DevFest events.  Click the links for more information.
DevFest Cochabamba (Cochabamba, Bolivia) | Host: GDG Cochabamba
DevFest Valley View University (Ghana) | Host: GDG Valley View University
DevFest Chandigarh (Chandigarh, India) | Host:  GDG Chandigarh
DevFest Brunei (Brunei, Brunei) | Host: GDG Brunei
DevFest Accra (Accra, Ghana) Accra, Ghana | Host: GDG Ghana
DevFest Ouaga (Ouaga, Burkina Faso) | Host: GDG Ouaga
DevFest Uruguay (Montevideo, Uruguay) | Host: GDG Uruguay
DevFest Bacolod (Bacolod, Philippines) | Host: GDG Bacolod
DevFest Nantes (Nantes, France) | Host: GDG Nantes

Just added:
DevFest Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) | Host: GDG Barcelona
DevFest Prague (Prague, Czech Republic) | Host: GDG Prague

What’s up next?

Dubai, UAE | 11/9/2012
Brazza, Congo | 11/10/2012
Murcia, Spain | 11/10/2012
Vienna, Austria | 11/10/2012 - 11/11/2012
Shikoku, Japan | 11/10/2012

Just added:
Omsk, Russia | 11/16/2012
Moscow, Russia | 11/17/2012
Voronezh, Russia | 11/18/2012

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Phoebe Peronto is an Associate Product Marketing Manager on the Developer Marketing team here at Google. She’s a foodie who has a penchant for traveling, politics, and running. Oh, and of course...Go Cal Bears!

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