Dev Library Letters: 14th Issue

OCT 17, 2022

Posted by Garima Mehra, Program Manager

‘Google Dev Library letters’ is curated to bring you some of the best projects developed with Google tech that have been submitted to the Dev Library platform. We hope this brings you the inspiration you need for your next project!


by Vinod Baste

Check out Vinod’s Android Image compress library that helps reduce the size of the image by 90% without losing any of its pixels.

by Jaewoong Eum

Learn how to auto-generate extensive sealed classes and interfaces for Android and Kotlin.


GitHub Actions to deploy
Flutter Web to gh-pages
by Sai Rajendra Immadi

Tired of manually deploying the app every time? Or do you want to deploy your flutter web applications to gh-pages? Use this blog as your guide.

Double And Triple Dots in Flutter 
by Lakshydeep Vikram

Learn the reason for using double and triple dots in flutter and where to use them.

Machine Learning

by Rishit Dagli

Learn how to use the Nystrom method to approximate standard self-attention. 

Google Cloud

by Ezekias Bokove

Learn how to set up a notification system for Cloud Run services. 

Switch to GCP for cost savings and better performance
by Gaurav Madan

Learn why architects dealing with complex application design and who use well-known Google services should consider the Google Cloud Platform. 

"The Google community includes people with diverse backgrounds. No matter what an individual circumstance is, the platform should support anyone to explore and be creative. We encourage authors to boldly consider diverse backgrounds and to be inclusive when authoring."

Vinesh Prasanna M

Customer Engineer | Google Cloud 

"Authoring a good code sample is hard. The difficulty comes from the additional pieces you need to add to your respository to keep the code sample fresh and appealing to your developers."

Brett Morgan

Developer Relations Engineer | Flutter

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