Calling all students: Learn how to become a Google Developer Student Club Lead

FEB 13, 2024
Rachel Francois Global Program Manager Google Developer Student Clubs

Does the idea of leading a student community at your university appeal to you? Are you enthusiastic about Google technologies or interested in learning more about them? Do you love planning tech-related events and new ways for your campus community to build skills? If so, consider leading a Google Developer Student Club!

What are Google Developer Student Clubs?

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are community groups for university students interested in learning and building with Google technologies. There are over 2000 GDSC chapters, represented in over 100 countries around the world where undergraduate and graduate students explore Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Google Cloud, Android development, Flutter, and other innovative technologies together. GDSC chapters host in-person, project-based events, such as hackathons and Solution Challenge with guest speakers and technical experts provided by Google.

Apply to Lead a Google Developer Student Club

You can learn more about the 2024-2025 GDSC Lead application process here.

Leading a GDSC is a great opportunity to learn new programming skills, dive deep into Google technologies and create local impact, while also building your network.

Google Developer Student Club Leads hone their technical and leadership skills as they manage a campus-based community for peers. GDSC Leads:

  • Receive mentorship from Google
  • Join a global community of leaders
  • Train peers to use Google technologies in their developer journey
  • Use technology to find solutions for real-world challenges

Meet Drashtant Chudasama, Lakehead University Google Developer Student Club lead. Drashtant hosted a 2-day DevFest On Campus event in Canada to help foster technology in his local area. The city's first DevFest included a handful of guest speakers and a hackathon. These are the types of things you will have the opportunity to do as a GDSC Lead.

If this sounds like your skill set or you’d like to explore a new leadership opportunity in technology, we encourage you to apply to become a GDSC Lead. You can check for application deadlines in your region here.

Google Developer Student Clubs Around the World


After a year’s hiatus, GDSC HITS lead, Amitasha Verma and her team defied the odds to bring an interactive event to life. More than 80+ students came together for a 3-hour "Unlocking the Power of Blockchain" event in India. This event demonstrated the unwavering spirit of students eager to explore the world of blockchain.


GDSC Fast National University in Islamabad collaborated with 15 other GDSC chapters to host the exciting "Techbuzz" competition, bringing together a diverse group of tech enthusiasts to showcase their skills through a variety of engaging activities. The event featured intense rapid-fire tech sessions that tested the participants' knowledge and quick thinking, while bringing a game-based learning platform to add an element of fun and excitement.

How to become a GDSC Lead

Learn more about the GDSC Lead role and criteria here. To get started click here.

Note: Google Developer Student Clubs are student-led independent organizations, and their presence does not indicate a relationship between Google and the students' universities.