Become a Google Developer Student Club lead

APR 03, 2023

Posted by Rachel Francois, Program Manager

Do you love programming and Google technologies? Interested in using your tech skills to help your community? Excited to teach other students to code? If the answer to these three questions is yes, we encourage you to apply to be a Lead of Google Developer Student Clubs!

The application for 2023-2024 Leads is OPEN. Get started at

Here are a few more details about the program:

What are Google Developer Student Clubs?

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are university-based community groups for students interested in Google technologies and programming. There are Google Developer Student Clubs in over 110 countries around the world that include undergraduate and graduate students. GDSC members teach each other about Machine Learning, Android app development, Google Cloud, Flutter, and other exciting technologies.

Clubs host events, guest speakers, and hackathons. Many participate in the GDSC Solution Challenge. Students who participate in GDSC have the opportunity to build new skills and learn with their peers and often have the chance to create technical solutions for their communities.

For example, COMSATS Wah University GDSC lead Ahsan Aman built an Android app to detect currency counterfeiting, a problem in his community in Northern Pakistan.

“Through leading my university’s Google Developer Student Club in Islamabad, I came across Machine Learning and other products like Google Teachable Machine,” he says. “With the resources and guidance available from Google, I applied my new skills in across tools like Google Teachable Machine and Android development to build 5Hazar, an application that aims to scan and detect fake currency notes using Machine Learning.”

How will I improve my skills as a GDSC Lead?

As a Google Developer Student Club Lead, you’ll:

Not only will you learn technical skills, you’ll grow your leadership skills, by organizing a student organization and establishing a vision for your community.

“GDSC helped me with personal skills, soft skills, such as public speaking and leadership,” says 2019 GDSC Vancouver Island University lead Lenz Paul. “The highlight was that I learned a lot about Google Cloud technologies, by holding workshops and delivering content.”

How can I find a Google Developer Student Club near me?

There are over 1900 Google Developer Student Clubs in over 110 countries around the world. Find a club near you here, or learn how to start your own, here.

When do I need to submit the application?

We encourage students to submit your application as soon as possible. Learn more about your region’s application deadlines here, and learn more about GDSC’s program criteria.

Make a difference in your community

From working to solve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to combating climate issues, Google Developer Student Club leads are learning valuable coding skills while making a true difference.

“Being a GDSC Lead has brought me tremendous opportunities,” says Rose Niousha, founder of GDSC Waseda University and Women Techmakers ambassador. “Since one of my biggest objectives was to tackle the gender barrier in the tech industry through my GDSC community, I actively hosted events during International Women's Day (IWD) month.”

We look forward to seeing what our next group of Google Developer Student Club Leads can accomplish. Join the fun here.

Note: Google Developer Student Clubs are student-led independent organizations, and their presence does not indicate a relationship between Google and the students' universities.