Update on the Google Groups Settings API

March 20, 2019

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Posted by Zerzar Bukhari, Product Manager, G Suite

In February 2019, we announced upcoming changes to the Google Groups Settings API. Based on your feedback, we're making improvements to the Groups API to make it easier for you to assess the impact and take action. For the full list of changes, see this help center article.

When will API changes take effect?

The new features will be available starting March 25, 2019. It may take up to 72 hours for the features to rollout to everyone

What's changing?

  • Property 'membersCanPostAsTheGroup' will not be merged into 'whoCanModerateContent'
  • Property 'messageModerationLevel' will continue to support MODERATE_NEW_MEMBERS (it will not be deprecated)
  • New property 'customRoleUsedInMergedSetting'
    • This will indicate if a group uses custom roles in one of the merged settings. If a group uses a custom role, review the permissions in the Groups interface. The Groups API doesn't support custom roles and may report incorrect values for permissions.
  • New properties representing all to-be-merged settings, as well as the new settings, will be added
  • New property 'whoCanDiscoverGroup' to indicate the upcoming behavior for 'showInGroupDirectory'

For complete detail on Groups Settings API behavior changes, please reference this table.