Artifact management for open source software

March 16, 2018

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Posted by Kit Merker, JFrog

It's often said that open source is free like speech, not free like beer. But every so often, the developers behind an open source project can take advantage of free services to make their project better.

We believe in supporting the good work of open source projects to help the maintainers, who do an often thankless job, to be more productive.

Last year, we collaborated with Google to announce the availability of Artifactory Pro hosted on Google Cloud Platform free of charge for qualifying open source projects. The idea was to make sure that open source maintainers could reliably share their build outputs between team members for development, testing and deployment. This will help ensure that the open source projects which developers around the world rely on are easy to consume.

Since the announcement, over 30 projects have qualified for and joined, including OpenMRS, Psono, and Grails.

If you run an open source project and are interested, we encourage you to apply.