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June 23, 2014

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By Reto Meier, Google Developer Advocate

Google I/O 2014 will be live in less than 48 hours. Last Friday we shared a sneak peek of content and activities around design principles and techniques. This morning we’re excited to give a glimpse into what we have in store for develop experiences.

Google I/O at its core has always been about providing you with the inspiration and resources to develop remarkable applications using Google’s platforms, tools and technologies.

This year we’ll have a full lineup of sessions from the Android, Chrome and Cloud Platform teams, highlighting what’s new as well as showcasing cross-product integrations. Here’s a sample of some of the sessions we’ll be live streaming:
  • What’s new in Android || Wednesday 1-1:45PM (Room 8): Join us for a thrilling, guided tour of all the latest developments in Android technologies and APIs. We’ll cover everything that’s new and improved in the Android platform since…well, since the last time.
  • Making the mobile web fast, feature rich and beautiful || Thursday 10-10:45AM (Room 6): Reintroducing the mobile web! What is the mobile web good at? Why should developers build for it? And how do mobile web and native complement each other? The mobile web is often the first experience new users have with your brand and you're on the hook for delivering success to them. There's been massive investment in mobile browsers; so now we have the speed, the features, and the tools to help you make great mobile web apps.
  • Predicting the future with the Google Cloud Platform || Thursday 4-4:45PM (Room 7): Can you predict the future using Big Data? Can you divine if your users will come back to your site or where the next social conflict will arise? And most importantly, can Brazil be defeated at soccer on their own turf? In this talk, we'll go through the process of data extraction, modelling and prediction as well as generating a live dashboard to visualize the results. We’ll demonstrate how you can use Google Cloud and Open Source technologies to make predictions about the biggest soccer matches in the world. You’ll see how to use Google BigQuery for data analytics and Monte Carlo simulations, as well as how to create machine learning models in R and pandas. We predict that after this talk you’ll have the necessary tools to cast your own eye on the future.
In addition, we’ve invited notable speakers such as Ray Kurzweil, Regina Dugan, Peter Norvig, and a panel of robotics experts, hosted by Women Techmakers, and will be hosting two Solve for X workshops. These speakers are defining the future with their groundbreaking research and technology, and want to bring you along for the ride.

Finally, we want to give you ample face to face time with the teams behind the products, so are hosting informal ‘Box talks for Accessibility, Android, Android NDK / Gaming Performance, Cloud, Chrome, Dart, and Go. Swing by the Develop Sandbox to connect, discuss, learn and maybe even have an app performance review.

See you at I/O!

Reto Meier manages the Scalable Developer Advocacy team as part of Google's Developer Relations organization, and wrote Professional Android 4 Application Development.

Posted by Louis Gray, Googler