GDG DevFest Season, round 2: Happily hacking!

October 02, 2012

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Author PictureBy Phoebe Peronto, Developer Marketing

“Happily hacking!” was GDG DevFest organizer Simon Buxton’s share directly from the DevFest Auckland event on September 29th. This past weekend marked the second round of community-organized DevFests. Local Google Developer Groups powered up the developer community with 11 total events. From hackathons that produced compelling and polished apps, to local press coverage, to excitement for future events, this most recent round of DevFest events showcased the engagement and innovation thriving in the Google developer ecosystem. Below, we’ve spotlighted key moments from last weekend’s events and provided a schedule for those coming up next.  Find your nearest GDG, attend an event, and join the community!

DevFest Jakarta | Host: GDG Jakarta
Tech In Asia recapped the most memorable moments from DevFest Jakarta.

DevFest Kyoto | Host: GDG Kyoto
“今、DevFest Kyotoでは、CodeLabの真っ最中です!写真は後でアップします。 “ – GDG Kyoto +Page Update

DevFest IIT Guwahati | Host: GDG IIT Guwahati
“75 developers and designers, 25 teams, 15 prototype submissions with 5 complete projects define a successful 12-hour hackathon as part of the first-ever GDG DevFest held at +IIT Guwahati. Thanks a lot +Google Developers for sharing our update, most importantly for supporting such a great GDG program and a flagship event like DevFest. It's not even 24 hours after our hackathon and students at +IIT Guwahati are asking when's the next one !! <3 . Hope the fruitful collaboration continues for years to come.” – GDG IIT Guwahati +Page Update
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DevFest Goa | Host: GDG Goa
“We had an awesome devfest extending over two days 29th and 30th Sep 2012. The event was attended by about 100 developers (Day 1 and Day 2). We had two tracks on Day 1 featuring Android and Modern Web (Chrome/HTML5/Dart), followed by a hackathon on Day 2. In fact, we hosted a code lab on HTML5 in which a complete 2D game was developed step-by-step by participants. Out of the hackathon came more than 6 apps, 4 of which were completely polished (will be live in one week’s time). From an HTML5 version of “Draw My Thing,” to an Android rescue app that logs the user out of all accounts in the event of one’s phone being misplaced, to a presentation app featuring an HTML5 version of Prezi and Mupples, the hackathon entries ran the gambit. Participants really enjoyed. Explore the event gallery on our +Page, Facebook, and Twitter.” – Smarth Behl, GDG DevFest Goa Organizer

DevFest Surabaya | Host: GDG Surabaya
“DevFest Surabaya took place on September 29th at Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya, Ngagel Jaya Tengah 73-77, Surabaya, Indonesia, hosting a total of 267 developers.  Of the tracks focusing on Maps, Android, and HTML5, highlight sessions included Merci Niebres (Google Senior Marketing Events Team) explaining Google's technology impact on developers all around the world, Anna Chernova (Google Quantitative Analyst) covering various Google Maps API for developers, and Vivi Wei Zhang (Metaps Singapore) discussing monetizing Android applications.  Attendees were ecstatic about the event and look forward to the next GDG event.”  – Esther Irawati Setiawan, GDG DevFest Organizer

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DevFest Seattle | Host: GDG Seattle

Can’t get enough GDG?  Visit this past weekend’s events +Pages for more info:
Washington, D.C.
IIT Guwahati

Upcoming DevFests
Santa Fe, Argentina | 10/2/2012
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 10/3/2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 10/4/2012
Mumbai, India | 10/5/2012
Pune, India | 10/6/2012
Bandung, Indonesia | 10/6/2012
Kathmandu, Nepal | 10/6/2012
Amman, Jordan | 10/6/2012

DevFest season goes until November 11th, so you still have time to get involved.  It’s a really simple process: find your nearest GDG, attend an event, and join the community!  Visit for specific event details and session updates.  

Phoebe Peronto is an Associate Product Marketing Manager on the Developer Marketing team here at Google. She’s a foodie who has a penchant for traveling, politics, and running. Oh, and of course...Go Cal Bears!

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