DevFest season starts off with a bang

September 26, 2012

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Author PictureBy Phoebe Peronto, Developer Marketing

This past weekend marked the beginning of the DevFest season with 10 local events reaching developers in 6 different countries. Local Google Developer Groups spearheaded these community-organized events, offering technical sessions, hackathons, and code labs across various Google product areas. There was too much excitement and feedback to fit into a post without making it enormous, so we’ve chosen some highlights from both organizers and participants.

DevFest Lille | Host: GDG Lille
“Merci à tous les organisateurs, c'était très intéressant :)” --Rémi Bruyère, DevFest Lille attendee

DevFest Jalandhar | Host: GDG Jalandhar City

DevFest London | Host: GDG London
With over 100 developers in attendance and 10 hackathon entries submitted, DevFest London was a success!  We had nine Googlers giving back-to-back developer talks for the day, on everything from Android to Chrome to Google+, with some Drive and Google TV for good measure. The biggest highlight was our mid-afternoon keynote from Michael Mahemoff with his ten moments that changed the web - from Netscape to Chrome and a special mention of Nyan Cat. -- Mark Lunney, GDG London Lead Organizer
“+Michael Mahemoff 's talk on top 10 moments that changed the web is awesome - it boosts morale for our commitment to HTML5 and JavaScript … The Nyan cat at the end rocks.” -- Shah Auckburaully, London DevFest attendee

DevFest NIT Trichy | Host: GDG NIT Trichy
We had an amazing DevFest here at NIT Trichy yesterday! I feel proud to say that DevFest Trichy was a success and the turnout was wonderful.  The talks by Shannon Behrens and Ido Green were really good and our developer community did find it informative. Abhishek Shrivastava's interactive session on developing hacks and apps using Google Chrome APIs was a hit especially the "How-to-develop-a-Chrome-app-in-30-secs!".  GDG NIT Trichy looks forward to more such events in future. :) -- Jeh Agarwal, GDG NIT Trichy DevFest lead organizer

DevFest Shanghai | Host: GDG Shanghai
With 350 developers in attendance and sessions covering everything from Android and Chrome development, to Golang and HTML5, DevFest Shanghai was a hit.  Check out photos from the event -- Sting Chen, GDG Shanghai organizer

DevFest Gandhinagar | Host: GDG Gandhinagar
The major part of the event was based on Android Game Development and Open Mobile Platform. Dart session by Shannon Behrens was a big hit with the participants. Relive the Devfest experience with GDG Gandhinagar’s event photos. -- Deep Moteria, GDG Gandhinagar organizer

DevFest BITS Pilani | Host: GDG BITS-Pilani
Attendees at DevFest BITS Pilani were excited to engage with Google’s technologies. The entire GDG BITS Pilani team would like to thank Google and GDG for making our DevFest possible. This was a novel event for our attendees and we look forward to the return of an even bigger and better DevFest in the future!  -- Akash Saxena, GDG BITS-Pilani DevFest lead organizer

DevFest Manipal | Host: GDG Manipal
Crazy Day One! Close to 350 people turned up for it. +Soham Mondal was the main Speaker. Day two had full day speaker sessions including one by Ido Green and final day saw hackathon attended by 80 developers. Overall a fun developer event. - Nikhil Gupta, GDG Manipal organizer

DevFest Tijuana | Host: GDG Tijuana
Agradecemos a todos su participacion en el evento #SFD2012  + #DevFest   #GDG   #Tijuana  Fue todo un exito.

Want more details?  Visit the GDG event pages below to catch up on all things DevFest.
NIT Trichy
BITS Pilani

And, we’re just getting started.  See below for upcoming events.  
IIT Guwahati

DevFest season kicked off on September 21st and continues through November 11th.  Join your local developer community at an upcoming DevFest and discover the magic for yourself.  Visit for more details and location updates.

Phoebe Peronto is an Associate Product Marketing Manager on the Developer Marketing team here at Google. She’s a foodie who has a penchant for traveling, politics, and running. Oh, and of course...Go Cal Bears!

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