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July 24, 2012

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By Ju-kay Kwek and Amanda Bradford, Google BigQuery Team

In May we launched Google BigQuery, a fully managed cloud-based service that enables businesses to analyze enormous amounts of data in the cloud. While we're continually amazed by the range of business problems being solved, we recognize that writing one-off scripts to ingest data, or creating custom front-end integration, requires effort and takes away time from the fun stuff: getting results.

So today we're pleased to highlight a few new members of our Cloud Platform Partner Program that are here to help you be even more productive – by delivering tools integrated with BigQuery that make it much easier to automatically load data from a broad set of sources, as well as to analyze and visualize the data with spectacular dashboards.

BigQuery partner logos

Import data from multiple sources into BigQuery

We’ve partnered with Informatica, Pervasive Software, Talend and SQLstream to make it easier to bring data from a variety of sources into BigQuery. This means you can use their BigQuery connectors to move data very easily from on-premise or cloud IT systems to BigQuery. For example, TribusPoint, a consulting firm, leveraged the Informatica Cloud BigQuery connector to rapidly move large files from their on-premise data centers to BigQuery.

Build rich interactive dashboards on BigQuery

We’ve partnered with data visualization providers QlikTech, Jaspersoft, Bime Analytics and Metric Insights to help you build rich, interactive dashboards for a broad range of customers. You can use their tools to build dashboards and reports very easily. For example, Pixelfish leveraged Metric Insights BigQuery integration to create dashboards that delivered a 300% improvement in customer engagement.

Click the partner links above to see more specific customer examples of each. We have just scratched the surface on Google BigQuery. We can’t wait to see what other cool applications you can build on Google BigQuery using our APIs. Hack away!

Ju-kay Kwek is the Product Management Lead for Google's Cloud Big Data initiative. In this role, he focuses on creating services that enable businesses and developers to harness Google's unparalleled data processing infrastructure and algorithms to tackle Big Data needs.

Amanda Bradford works in Business Development at Google, driving strategic alliances and partnerships for Google and specializing in the Google Cloud Platform.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor