Startup Weekend and GTUGs

November 10, 2011

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By Stephanie Liu, Developer Relations, Startup and Community Outreach

We announced a partnership with Startup Weekend today that will support budding entrepreneurs all over the world.

If you’ve never experienced a Startup Weekend before, it’s an intense 54 hour event where excited entrepreneurs (developers, designers, product and business folks) get together on a Friday afternoon, pitch ideas, form into teams, then feverishly hack on a prototype application to demo on Sunday night. It’s an energizing event, where strangers become teammates overnight, and the focus is on doing instead of talking.

We love the spirit of these weekends – it’s the spirit of entrepreneurship and creation, and at the heart of it all are developers. That’s why we’re working with our local developer communities (Google Technology User Groups) and Startup Weekend to host pre-Startup Weekend bootcamps on relevant Google tech (like App Engine, Android, and Chrome/HTML5, with more to come).

Find a Bootcamp or Startup Weekend coming up near you! You can also join your local GTUG.

Stephanie Liu joined Google in 2005, and has worked with a variety of products, including AdWords, Google Video, and YouTube. She's currently focused on outreach programs to early stage tech startups, as well as growing and supporting Google's developer community (,

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor