Google I/O 2009, Developer Conference

January 27, 2009

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I'm excited to announce Google I/O 2009, our two-day developer event that will take place May 27-28, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Last year, over 3,000 developers participated in I/O and they attended 90+ sessions across all of our developer products. This year, much of our content will feature Android, App Engine, Chrome, GWT, AJAX APIs and more. To give you an idea, here are a few of the sessions:

  • App Engine, Offline processing on App Engine: a look ahead
  • Android, Supporting multiple devices with one binary
  • Chrome, Developing extensions for Google Chrome
  • GWT, The Story of your Compile: reading the tea leaves of the GWT compiler for an optimized future
  • AJAX APIs, Using AJAX/RESTful APIs on Mobile Native Apps
  • OpenSocial, Building a Business with Social Apps
  • Geo APIs, Building scalable Geo applications

We've published a selection of the session abstracts but check back as we'll be adding more sessions over the next couple months.

At I/O, you'll have a chance to interact directly with the engineering teams who work on our APIs and developer products. There will be dozens of in-depth technical sessions that focus on how to write better applications using Google and open technologies. For developers who are working on business applications, we've expanded our sessions and demos on those topics as well. And we'll have plenty of opportunities for the developer community to demo apps that use the latest web and mobile technologies.

We're working hard to make this event insightful, useful, and fun! Visit the Google I/O website to learn more and register. Space is limited so make sure you reserve your spot early. As a bonus, you'll get a hard copy of the Google Chrome Comic book if you register by May 1.

Like last year, Google I/O will be followed by Developer Days that will take place in various countries around the world. Keep an eye out for an announcement with details on dates and locations.

Looking forward to seeing you at I/O!