Google Visualization API interactive samples in the AJAX APIs Playground

JAN 26, 2009
By Nir Bar-Lev, Google Developer Programs

We all know that writing code based on existing code snippets is faster and quicker than starting from scratch. It's also a great way to ramp up on new tools or APIs you may be less familiar with.

That's way we decided to provide a whole bunch of interactive code samples for the Google Visualization API in Google's recently launched AJAX APIs Playground.

These code samples run the gamut from specific visualizations like for the Motion ChartAnnotated Time Line (used in Google Finance) or Geo Map to covering specific Visualization API topics like event handling and placing data source requests.

The Playground enables you to change the sample code, re-run it, and see the results in real time. You can export your code, save it, and also get a full HTML source. In fact, for most of your programming needs, this tool is all you'll ever need to write, debug and integrate visualizations from the Visualization API into your web pages.

We hope you enjoy the added productivity and wish you happy visualizing!