Google Cloud Next '24 session library is now available

二月 26, 2024
Max Saltonstall Developer Relations Engineer

Google Cloud Next 2024 is coming soon, and our session library is live!

Next ‘24 covers a ton of ground, so choose your adventure. There's something on the menu for everyone, not just AI.


Developers, this is your time. We have got a huge collection of edutainment for you in store for Next, including:

  • Thousands of Googlers on-site to connect and chat
  • Demos you can play with, try out, poke and see inside of (rather than just watching)
  • Talks from Champion Innovators about how they put cloud to use
  • Gathering spots for classes, interest groups, trainings and hanging out

This year we have more than double the number of advanced technical sessions, and recommendations for startups, small and medium businesses, and sustainability for all. Data scientists and data engineers can shard themselves out into 60+ big data sessions, including going to the cutting edge with BigQuery multi-modal data.

Artificial intelligence

If you want to build your own AI model, LLM or chatbot we've got sessions for that, covering ways to use Vertex AI to spin up your own large-language models on cloud, to search your multimedia library and to maintain equity in your data used for training.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Equity and inclusion go way past AI, and we’re really excited to have talks this year addressing allyship for your Muslim colleagues, growing inclusion in your org, and dialogues for change.


Security and data privacy

Don't forget security (really, who does?). Whether you are tackling security at the infrastructure, platform, machine or workload level, we've got sessions for you. Even if you're on multiple clouds, with multiple teams, you still need to get insight into the security and compliance of it all.

Speaking of all these fun chips, what about the salsa? We've got supply chain security with talks on SLSA and GUAC, plus numerous options for serverless workload security and ML data privacy.

Come join us

So, still on the fence?

Come for the magnificent shows in Vegas.

Come for the chance to sit down with expert developers and engineers.

Come for the amazing technical talks and tutorials.

Or just come for the spectacle. We've got it all at Google Cloud Next ‘24.

Check out sessions and secure your spot for three days of learning, community-building, and cloud tech with experts and peers at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, April 9–11.