Wow your users with Google Cast

SEP 02, 2015

Posted by Alex Danilo, Developer Advocate

When you develop applications for Google Cast, you’re building a true multi-screen experience to ‘wow’ your users and provide a unique perspective. Part of hitting that wow factor is making the app enjoyable and easy to use.

While designing the Google Cast user experience, we performed a huge amount of user testing to refine a model that works for your users in as many scenarios as possible.

The video below gives a quick explanation of the overall user experience for Google Cast enabled applications.

We’ve also produced some targeted videos to highlight important aspects of the core Google Cast design principles.

The placement of the Cast icon is one of the most important UX guidelines since it directly affects your users familiarity with the ability to Cast. Watch this explanation to help understand why we designed it that way:

Another important design consideration is how the connection between your application and the Google Cast device should work and that’s covered in this short video:

When your users are connected to a Google Cast device that’s playing sound, it’s vital that they can control the audio volume easily. Here’s another video that covers volume control in Cast enabled applications:

To get more detailed information about our UX design principles, we have great documentation and a convenient UX guidelines checklist.

By following the Google Cast UX guidelines in your app, you will give your users a great interactive experience that’ll wow them and have them coming back for more!

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