Expanding our developer video channel lineup

SEP 03, 2015

Posted by, Reto Meier

Starting today, the Android Developers, Chrome Developers, and Google Developers YouTube channels will host the videos that apply to each specific topic area. By subscribing to each channel, you will only be notified about content that matches your interests.

The Google Developers YouTube channel has been bringing you content across many platforms and product offerings to help inspire, inform, and delight you. Recently, we’ve been posting a variety of recurring shows that cover many broad topics across all of our developer offerings, such as Android Performance Patterns, Polycasts and Coffee With A Googler.

As we produce more and more videos, covering an ever increasing range of topics, we want to make it easier for you to find the information you need.

This means that for the Android Developers Channel, you will get content that is more focused to Android, such as Android Performance Patterns. Similarly, the Chrome Developers Channel will host more web focused content, such as Polycasts, HTTP203, Totally Tooling Tips, and New in Chrome. The Google Developers Channel will continue to broadcast broader Google Developer focused content like our DevBytes covering Google Play services releases and our Coffee With A Googler series.

We look forward to bringing you lots more video to inspire, inform, and delight -- to avoid missing any of it, you can subscribe to each of our YouTube channels using the following links, also be sure to turn notifications on in YouTube’s settings (more info here) so that you can get updates as we post new content:

Google Developers | Android Developers | Chrome Developers