Weekly Google Code Roundup for July 8-12th

JUL 13, 2007
By Dion Almaer, Google Developer Programs

In API and developer-product news...

Othman Laraki talked about the Gears roadmap and development process and how the team is working on a Cross-Origin API and an Improved Workerpool.

Omar Khan has introduced a new blog for the Google Desktop APIs which was created to open a another line of dialog and provide useful information such as tips, announcements, developer jokes, links to articles and tutorials, and more.

The new AJAX Search feature on Blogger that uses linked Custom Search Engines is a fantastic feature that allows you to implement ideas such as "search my blog, and reach out to other sites that I link too". All automatically.

GGeoXML Methods, GDraggableObject Events, & Geodesic Polylines details how the Maps API team has given developers GGeoXML functions to make loading and viewing files easier. GGeoXML now comes with a callback function that's entered once the file has loaded, plus a number of utility functions.

Dick Wall has written his second article on a series on Guice, Squeezing More Guice from Your Tests with EasyMock, which delves into how dependency injection and mock objects can be used together in glee.

Around Google

The FeedBurner and Blogger teams have joined up very quickly to create a nice integration of the two products. From within your Blogger settings you can now specify that you have a FeedBurner feed that manages your blog, and Blogger will use that feed address.

Featured Projects

This YouTube Mapplet mashes-up YouTube videos and Geo using the newly released Mapplets feature that now lives in My Maps.

The Telekinesis iPhone Remote allows you to use your shiny new iPhone to control your Mac.

Google Tech Talks

What Every Engineer Needs to Know About Security and Where to Learn It

Neil Daswani's talk discusses recent trends in security, and what every engineer needs to know to prevent the most significant emerging threats such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks.

While We Wait for BabelFish: Languages on theInternet

This talk addresses some localization issues, but beyond that, questions the very way languages are dealt with on the internet.


Summer of Coders at Google: Ed Baskerville

Now in his second year of working on GridSweeper for Summer of Code, Ed Baskerville recently joined us to talk more about his project and his burgeoning career as a cellist.