Plone Sprint at Google

JUL 11, 2007
By Leslie Hawthorn, Open Source Team

Google recently hosted the Plone Documentation and E-Commerce Sprint, and more than forty stalwart sprinters got some amazing things accomplished in just five days. The documentation team completely revamped the project documentation hosted at, so any newbies out there should now find it much easier to get started using Plone. They docs team also created a great deal of new documentation focused on Plone 3.0, which should be leaving Beta soon.

The E-Commerce team spent their time making improvements to GetPaid, Plone's payment processing framework. Led by Kapil Thangavelu, core contributor to Plone and Zope, the team finished out the week with three payment processors, including Google Checkout, integrated into the framework. They also added shipping functionality to ease the order fulfillment process. Even cooler, the team started off their work with code targeted towards helping non-profits easily take donations through their Plone-based websites, and mission accomplished!

Congratulations to both teams for their many accomplishments during the sprint! Thanks to all of you for being our guests.