To the Google developer community, 2012’s a wrap

DEC 22, 2012
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By Phoebe Peronto, Developer Marketing

‘Tis the season to reflect on all that you have done this year: developers and other friends in the Google Developer community. From a Gangnam style-inspired app, to growing the GDG community beyond 330 active chapters, let’s just say that 2012 has been nothing short of amazing.

You have...

...helped Google I/O 2012 reach more than 13,000 developers by hosting over 50 I/O Extended events all over the world. Looking forward to Google I/O 2013!

...hosted a massive DevFest season, with 75 DevFests conducted in only 3 short months. During the season, these events reached over 14,000 developers in 39 countries worldwide.

...grown the GDG community to an astounding 335 active and incubating chapters in over 90 countries.

...attended dozens of Google+ Hangouts on Google Developers Live to learn more about how to make cool apps with Google tools and technologies.

...made countless great apps at DevFest hackathons.

Here’s to a great year, and many more to come!

Want to learn more? Find your nearest GDG chapter to get involved in local events, and connect with Google developers 24/7/365 on Google Developers Live and +Google Developers.

Phoebe Peronto is on the Google Developer Product Marketing team. Her mission is to make developer magic by sharing Google tools, technologies, and programs with the community to make super cool apps. She's also a foodie, globetrotter, and avid runner.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor