Three new APIs for Google Apps Script

SEP 15, 2011
By Jacob Moshenko and Gustavo Moura, Software Engineers

In January of this year we launched BigQuery integration with Google Apps Script. What we didn’t mention was that we were building this on top of our Google APIs Discovery Service. Thanks to the ease and flexibility of writing clients based on this API, today we’re announcing integration with three more APIs, and revamping our BigQuery support.

As of now, we have also integrated the Tasks API, Prediction API, and URL Shortener API in addition to the BigQuery API. You can now include these APIs in your scripts, apps, and sites pages. As with other Apps Script services, we handle all of the server communications as well as authorization, which makes this a great way to build mashups and workflows using our APIs.

To get started, simply enable the APIs you’re interested in from the "Use Google API services" menu in the script editor.

Using this feature will prompt you to save your script. Once you have done so, the Google APIs Services dialog will appear and you can choose which APIs to use, which versions to use, and what name to use when referencing them from your scripts.

After you complete this step, the API methods will be automatically populated as you type using the standard Apps Script autocomplete mechanism. For detailed information about each API, visit our reference documentation. We have also created a tutorial with a simple, fun application to help you get started using scripts.

As we iron out this new technology and listen to your feedback we plan to aggressively integrate even more APIs. If you have any questions or experience any problems let us know on our support forum.

Jacob Moshenko is a Software Engineer working on the Google APIs developer experience. He believes that Google APIs should be easy to use, especially from Google platforms.

Gustavo Moura has been a Software Engineer at Google since 2007. He has been part of the Google Docs team since 2009. Prior to that, he worked on AdWords.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor