Fridaygram: edit on YouTube, laugh for health, see the universe

SEP 16, 2011

By Scott Knaster, Google Code Blog Editor

YouTube is not just for uploading any more. This week YouTube launched a bunch of editing tools that enable you to trim your videos, add effects like Sepia and Thermal, replace the audio track, and even rotate that priceless video you shot while accidentally holding the phone upside down – or is that just me?

Those funny YouTube videos might even be good for your health. We are simple computer folk here, not medical doctors, but check out this article about the physical benefits of laughing and related topics.

After reading about laughing and scouring YouTube for hilarity, you can calm yourself with these unfunny but remarkable images of distant planets. Hmm, I wonder if they can edit YouTube videos on their worlds.

Fridaygram is our way of telling you about something new and (we hope) interesting from Google, along with tidbits about nature, science, and other nerd-cool topics. Fridaygram posts are more fun than a barrel of opee sea killers.