The Google Calendar API has changed how we manage API usage

JUL 09, 2021

Posted by Charles Maxson, Developer Advocate

The Google Calendar API has changed how it manages API usage. Previously, queries were monitored and limited on a daily basis. As of May 2021, queries started to be monitored and limited on a per-minute basis. This introduces better behavior when your quota is exceeded, as requests are rate-limited until quota is available rather than failing all requests for the rest of the day. This also helps developers recognize issues around quota enforcements faster and shouldn't affect the performance of existing projects.

To view your usage and quota limits, have a look in the Google API console.

Image of
      Calendar API

To help you manage your quotas, we’ve put together a few helpful tips:

For further details into managing quotas please review the manage quotas documentation. You can also find more details on error handling on the resolve errors documentation.

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