The Go project reaches a major milestone: Go 1

MAR 28, 2012
By the Go team

the Go Gopher

In November 2009 Google announced the Go project, a new open source programming language. Since then more than 200 outside contributors have made thousands of contributions to the code, tests, and documentation. The open source community has been essential to Go's success.

It is a great pleasure to announce today that the Go project has reached a stable point we are calling Go version 1, or Go 1 for short. Go 1 is the result of months of work refining the specification, improving the implementation, increasing portability and re-working and adjusting the standard library. Go 1 offers compatibility for future growth: programs written to the Go 1 specification will work dependably for years to come even as Go continues to develop.

The benefits of Go 1 are also available to Google App Engine developers, as Go 1 is now the standard Go runtime on Google App Engine.

Go 1 is a consistent, portable, dependable base upon which to build programs, projects, and businesses. To learn more about Go 1, hear what the gophers have to say at the Go blog. For more information about Go in general, visit, which has documentation, references, articles, and even an interactive tour of the language.

When he's not traveling the world, the Go Gopher lives in Paris with his collection of medals won at international staring competitions. He enjoys "The Wire" and any movies by Werner Herzog.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor