Smartsheet’s Success on the Google Apps Marketplace

APR 27, 2010
A couple weeks ago I was up in Seattle talking about the Google Apps Marketplace with local SaaS companies. I was happy to be joined by Smartsheet, Concur and Skytap and even more excited when they all talked about their success on the Marketplace.

We’ve invited Smartsheet to talk about their success on the Google Apps Developer Blog and their founder, Brent Frei, has written an excellent post which I hope you’ll all take the time to read. He talks about how they decided to launch on the Marketplace, their technical evaluation, development process and the results they’ve achieved.

Here’s a graph that tells much of the story-- it shows their new customer leads (excluding pay-per-click-ads):

Here’s the post with their full story on the Google Apps Developer Blog:
Smartsheet - Inside Google Apps Marketplace

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